From One Generation of Roaring 20's To Another - Fckd Up Generation

From One Generation of Roaring 20's To Another

A generation of mass consumerism and redefined arts and culture, the 1920's seemed almost like a huge party. In some ways, the 1920's and the 2020's are similar. The 1920's were a roar of energy after a culture war and a wave of the Spanish Flu, much like 2020, with cultural wars and the coronavirus. 

Looking back at glamourous pictures from the 20's can take us back in time, but will also have us reflecting on how times have changed. This isn't a history paper girl, so let's get to the point. 


The Generation of Bossing Up

In the 1920's, it was the norm for women of the household to stay home and have certain duties that were expected of them. Cleaning and cooking were the women's job. Nowadays, boss bitches are busy all day with work and leveling up in their career while their house gets professionally cleaned and they order postmates for dinner. This is a change we are HERE for. 👏


All the Single Ladies

Ladies needing a man is unheard of in this generation. Unlike the 1920's, women are able to thrive and take care of themselves in this generation and we wouldn't want it any other way. 


Caked Up 

Although makeup was very much a thing in the 1920's, it has since then evolved and turned into an everyday staple for most girls. What was once simple blush and eyeshadow, makeup looks are now more dramatic than ever, with false lashes and transformative face contour.



Streetwear Glamour

The 1920's is known for some of the most iconic looks in fashion history, as silk dresses and glamorous jewels took center stage. Now days, a glamorous look is much easier to obtain. Chic streetwear sets that are too comfortable to be true is the new glam, and we are loving it. 

 The Sexier the Better

We are FULLY here for a sexy moment in 2021. Bodycon styles that show off every curve, string bikinis that cover just enough, and crop tops that bare our whole torso. I think it's safe to say we are in a very sexy generation of fashion in 2020, and hey, we love a sexy moment. 


They say History repeats itself, and I think we all could use a few years of the roaring 20's. Who else agrees? 

Cheers to our roaring 20's, a generation of bossing up, independence, and feeling sexier than ever!  

What is your favorite part about the new generations 'roaring 20's'? Let us know in the comments! 

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