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LA Fashion Trends to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

There's nothing like LA's fashion trends. With influencers and celebrities gathering in LA from all around the world, it's no longer just an overpopulated city, but it's a TRENDY overpopulated city ;) 

With our office located in the heart of Downtown LA's Fashion District, we are immersed into the trendy world of LA fashion. There's something about chic and breezy Southern California fashion trends that make you feel like you're on top of the world. From blazers, to sweatpants, these simple yet chic pieces will take your wardrobe to the next level and will have you looking like a socal goddess. 

Sweat Sets

By now, sweat sets are basically iconic in LA. You can't walk down the street without seeing someone wearing one. Our sweat set is perfect for LA's breezy and beautiful weather and hey - they even say Los Angeles on them, we love to see it. 

Corset Style

Corset tops are hot right now and are so easy to throw on and dress up your outfit. When paired with jeans and heals, this is the perfect weeknight dinner outfit. Our best selling corset top is versatile and chic, and is now a staple that needs to be in your closet! 

Corset style dresses are also HOT right now. The bone detailing has the ability to take a simple satin or strapless dress up a notch 🔥 We have so many sexy corset dresses like this one available at our monthly pop ups! 

Loose Pants

From jeans, to trousers, to sweatpants, one key element that is crucial in an LA outfit is loose fit pants. This trend is beyond chic but let's be real. The real reason why we all love this trend is for the comfort, right?! Trendy and comfortable are two adjectives we all need in our lives. Our best selling streetwear sweatpants have LA style written all over them and can be dressed up or down. 


Blazers are another one of those things that are basically a staple in every LA fashionistas closet right now. No longer just a trend for the workspace, blazers are being paired with biker shorts and jeans for a more casual-chic, "I have my shit together" little moment. Our Satin Pant Set comes with a satin blazer that is everything 🔥 and is the QUEEN of being dressed up or dressed down. 

Faux Leather

Faux leather is one of those timeless trends that never seems to go out of style. Can we also talk about how SEXY this trend is?! Cotton bodycon dress? Boring. Faux leather bodycon dress? Sexy goddess! Our Faux Leather Bodycon Dress is a sexy must-have! 

Halter Tops 

Halter tops are one of the hottest trends this season in LA. Bright colors, slight y2k vibes, and flattering asf, sounds like socal style. Our bestselling Wrap Tie Front Top will have you feeling like a rich bitch in Malibu. 


Weather you're in LA or not, these fashion must-haves WILL level up your wardrobe and will having you feeling confident asf, as you should! 

Which LA trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

See you babes next Wednesday 😉.


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