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One Fckd Up Generation of Fashion

All good things come to an end… but GREAT things make a comeback (aka vintage fashion trends 🔥) Only the greatest fashion trends repeat themselves, and we are seeing this happen right now with 90’s and early 2000’s fashion trends taking center stage. Those halter tops you begged your mom to wear? Yeah, they're back. Paris Hilton approved tracksuits? We got you. 

It’s no surprise that our generation has undergone a huge wave of change, especially in the fashion world. From baggy overalls, low rise jeans, the “hipster” fashion wave in 2010 that we are all too embarrassed to admit we took part in, to now - almost like a mixture of it all in a fashion era of repeated trends and individual styles. We are the generation of a fashion revolution. Fabulous ends in “us”, coincidence? I think not.

Let’s get into some of the greatest vintage trends that are making a comeback in today’s fashion. Here are a few examples of groovy trends that are EVERYWHERE:

Track Suits

No longer a thing of the past, tracksuits are coming back STRONG 🔥 With icons like Paris Hilton and the Cheetah Girls rocking these, they were one of the hottest 90’s / 2000’s trends. Now, coming back into style with modern twists such as high waisted bottoms and cropped tops and sweaters. Shop our best selling y2k inspired tracksuit here


Who remembers the days when we would want to bedazzle EVERYTHING? Well, the sparkly fun has made a comeback. Check out our Angel Embellished tracksuit for a fun 2000’s Bratz doll vibe. 


Groovy Prints 

Groovy prints are no longer a thing of the past, and we are loving it! Channel your inner 70’s Cher vibes with these psychedelic-like, colorful prints with one of our favorite dresses here.


Halter Tops: 

Let's be real, halter tops have been a hit since they first became a thing! Coming back into style trendier than ever, with bright colors, and flattering wrap style tops that are flattering on everyone. It’s not a hot girl summer without one of these tops. Shop one of our best selling halter tops here

Baggy Looks: 

Baggy looks we’re ICONIC in the 90’s, starting out with fashion icons in the rap and hip-hop game. With streetwear looks coming back hard, this baggy look is coming back stronger than ever and we are here for it. When baggy sweats become cute fashion you can’t complain. Shop our favorite streetwear sweats here.

What vintage inspired fashion trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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