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Retail Therapy is Cheaper than Real Therapy: An Ode to Mental Health

It feels like everyone is going through it these days, and not in a cute way. What can we say, we're living in a Fckd Up Generation (see what I did there). Seriously though. Although mental health in this generation is becoming a more talked about and less taboo topic than ever before, that's not to say there aren't contributing factors surrounding our every move. 

So here we go, an ode to mental health, if you will. Because it's okay to not feel okay, and it's perfectly fine to spend a day, or a week, or even a month in bed recuperating. You are not alone, babe. 


Hustle Culture

It's 11 am, you slept in and it felt amazing. You open your phone to see the never ending posts of laptops, perfectly curracted desk spaces, dream work life atmospheres, all catered to hustle culture. You might know it better as #GrindDontStop. Instantly you feel guilty about sleeping in and start comparing yourself. 

Let's be real here. What is so cool about spending every waking hour of your day 'grinding'? Since when is it cool to totally neglect your well being and self care routine for the 'hustle'? 

Take that self care day babe, sleep in until noon, buy yourself that ice cream you have been wanting. Life is short. Take care of yourself and your mind. And the truth of the matter is, overworking yourself will only end up in half-ass work. Taking a day or two to recuperate will have a better pay off than being over-worked. Trust us! 

Social Media from Hell 

Okay, we all love social media, but can we admit, it can be toxic AF! It's almost impossible to not compare yourself to anyone these days. Opening up your phone to see the most perfectly shaped bodies and faces that are almost always Facetuned can have even the prettiest IG models comparing themselves. 

Instagram bloggers everywhere work hard to make their life look perfectly curated and aesthetically pleasing. We will be the first to call bullshit. Although its cute and nice to look at on an Instagram highlight real, no one's life is perfect. Social media has fooled us all into thinking everyone else is living a dream life and that is just not reality. We all have struggles, we are all dealing with something, and we are all human. 

Quarantine Life 

17 months into a worldwide pandemic. Things we did: THAT.

Experiencing something like a pandemic and having to quarantine is something that you just cannot prepare for mentally. The entire world has undergone change, stress, and emotional overload in the past 17 months. Businesses have had to shut down, we lost human contact for months, and we faced a whole lot of uncertainty. Be kind to others, but most importantly, yourself. We are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel with this one, thankfully, but we have gone through a shit ton and it is going to take some time to recover. 

Retail Therapy is Always a Good Choice

To end this on a good note, we are here to remind you that retail therapy (in most cases) cheaper than regular therapy, right?! This is your sign to treat yourself, queens! You deserve a shopping spree, yes, YOU. I know how hard you've been working and how hard you've been trying, treat yourself! 

We decided to give you a deal to make your retail therapy experience a little better :) 

Use code RETAILTHERAPY at checkout for 20% off your entire order! Cheers to treating ourselves! 

 *sending virtual hugs*






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